Friday finds - Wayzgoose finds

First of all, apologies for the lack of blogging lately. We've been very busy here and have struggled to find time for posting due to all the printing work we've had on. Recent printing work blog coming soon!

Last week I visited a Wayzgoose in Chipping Campden in the Cotswolds. Originally a Wayzgoose was an event marking the start of the season of working by candlelight, where entertainmant was put on by a master-printer for workmen around August.

It then later transformed into a yearly festival held by printing establishment employees. Now a Wayzgoose is a day for printers guilds to show and sell their work and/or equipment. Exciting stuff, well for me anyway.

The annual Wayzgoose in Chipping Campden is held by the Oxford Printers Guild and showcased a variety of the letterpress worlds finest printing presses and most important figures.

Lousia Hare/First Folio Cards 

I first met Lousia Hare, a lady who we have dealt with regularly before as we stock her fantastic letterpress Shakespeare greeting cards. She runs a Heidelberg using blocks and type to create these wonderful letterpress cards.

I then met Alan Brignull. Alan works mainly with Adanas to create beautiful letterpress prints. Especially stamps. He told me he usually has an old stamp dispensing machine with which he usually has these stamps available for purchase, a lovely idea, shame I couldn't see it though.
Alan runs Hedgehog press, Adanaland and also prints his 'Rambling Urchin' postcard keepsakes. More here.
Alan Brignull/The Hedgehog Press

I then managed to meet Graham Moss from Incline Press who I had come across from seeing his beautiful jam and marmalade labels. He runs workshops and sells beautifully printed books from his studio in Oldham.

Graham Moss/Incline Press
It always amazes me the size of the letterpress world in the UK, lovely people for a great resurging industry.

A lovely day - and if you haven't visited Chipping Campden before - I recommend it, fascinating place.