Friday Finds - Book embroidery by Jillian Tamaki

A virtual find today, and one we are extremely excited about.
We stumbled upon this through a tweet from @CrankyPressman - an openly stern and old fashioned letterpress print shop and bindery in Chicago, Illinois. They have a fantastic website and blog and take pride in 'breaking their backs to make you look good'. Great stuff.

The tweet linked to a blog posted back in March this year, but we just had to blog about this after stumbling upon it today.
Jillian Tamaki is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches Art at the School of Visual Arts there and illustrates for magazines, books, newspapers and websites. She has also had a few books of her personal work published, including her debut publication with the always fantastic Drawn and Quarterly.

These pieces are particularly magnificent. They are not going to be sold as embroidered books(I don't think), but as high quality printed and embossed covers of these penguin classics. Not sure if they are available over here, but we're almost certain it would be worth the trip to pick one up!

More from Jillian on here blog and website.