Friday Finds - The Art of Lettering

This week a very informative and detailed book from 1947 all about the art of lettering. This being an old book, it smells completely wonderful - warm, dusty and with a hint of granny attic. Inside the pages are stained through time and a little yellow, however the technical information is astounding for such a small book. Each section states the rules that must be followed strictly to achieve beautiful type. For all you type geeks out there, this is a great book with the history of type, monogram examples and letter creation the old fashioned way. Oh so pretty, I shall be geeking out over it this weekend.

Friday finds - Coloured Gravure Lettercards

Today we have some rather delightful vintage lettercards we found at the giant flea market held at the Bath and West show ground - you never know what you might find there (fortunately no fleas, giant or otherwise). These are a wonderfully colourful treat, lettercards for Dunster and Polperro, delicately letterpress printed on the outer envelope with some beautiful drawings for land, air and sea. Inside each is a concertina of pictures showing various locations around the town. Perfect when you want to send something more than a postcard on your travels.

Wishing a pleasant Good Friday to you all!

 You can just about see the delicate letterpress texture in this lovely linen paper - most satisfying!

And all made in the UK too.
We might just have to make some as a keepsake from your travels to Bath - watch this space.

Royal Wedding Postcards.

Ok, so we're cutting it a little fine with getting our royal wedding memorabilia ready for our shop, but better late than never.
So here they are, and quite proud we are of them too! A lovely two sided letterpress postcard, designed and printed entirely in house here at Meticulous Ink H.Q! Available in our shop now (and after the wedding) - together with a red tissue lined deckle edged envelope, to keep it nice and fresh.

Friday finds - Pen nib boxes

This week our Friday find was, in fact, found by my mum (thanks mum!). She is always on the lookout - much like we are - for lovely and interesting things, particularly those associated with paper goods. She was certainly successful when she found this collection of pen nib boxes, some of which still have their original nibs inside. My favourite is one from Perry & Co, which states
'Avoid common ink'. We certainly will.

Friday finds - a distraction.

A visual find this week, and a quick one. Been so busy I simply haven't had time to scour the markets or antique shops for exciting goods and trinkets, much to my dismay.
Anyway this image is worth I think, one that has been gracing my desktop for the last few days.
Simply, a distraction.

Our print projects so far.

Just thought I'd put up a small selection of our jobs that we've done for clients over the past 5 months. Now that we have permission, or that events have gone by. We're considerate like that you see.

This was a lovely letterpress invitation we designed and printed for a clients birthday party. The simplicity and beauty of trusty Gotham does wonders when bitten into a nice 638gsm Waterford.

Die-stamped wedding invitation in grey and silver. Very simple, Goudy bold in metallic silver, with a white bevel brushed edge. Elegant stationery for a chic wedding in Italy.

Letterpress business cards, traditionally set in Gill sans. Red and black on 410gsm Somerset satin.

A very adventurous die stamped personal stationery set.
Die stamped, blind embossed letterheads and envelopes with a printed lining.

And there will be more to come! Also a special on letterpress personal stationery coming soon.

Friday finds - Parker 51's.

A lovely handwritten note found its way through our letterbox here at M.I. H.Q. last week. A note so splendidly written I could only wonder what kind of instrument would form such an exquisite pen stroke!
Being fans of everything vintage and antique, we jumped at the chance to be able to have on our shelves some beautiful old Parker 51/61 fountain pens.

We were visited by Mr O'Conner shortly after receiving the letter, and were shown a delightful array of vintage parker pens. Through much deliberation and discussing we decided on the few that really caught our eye. I never knew Parker pens could be such handsome articles.

This is probably not a find I hear you say, but more something that found us.

These lovely Parker pens are now available to buy in our store.

33 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BN (01225 333 004).