Our print projects so far.

Just thought I'd put up a small selection of our jobs that we've done for clients over the past 5 months. Now that we have permission, or that events have gone by. We're considerate like that you see.

This was a lovely letterpress invitation we designed and printed for a clients birthday party. The simplicity and beauty of trusty Gotham does wonders when bitten into a nice 638gsm Waterford.

Die-stamped wedding invitation in grey and silver. Very simple, Goudy bold in metallic silver, with a white bevel brushed edge. Elegant stationery for a chic wedding in Italy.

Letterpress business cards, traditionally set in Gill sans. Red and black on 410gsm Somerset satin.

A very adventurous die stamped personal stationery set.
Die stamped, blind embossed letterheads and envelopes with a printed lining.

And there will be more to come! Also a special on letterpress personal stationery coming soon.