Our new blog - a long time coming.

First of all, we are sorry - I'm ashamed to say it's now been a whole year since we have blogged anything considerably worthwhile. It's an absolute disgrace I know, and I can only hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive us. We've been working hard to try and match our blog to our website so hopefully they fit together well, we think they do. Many thanks to our good friend Louis ten Kate for his patience and infinite html knowledge.

We have of course also been designing and printing day and night, and this only means we are now bursting with lots more beautiful stationery and design to show you.

A lot has happened this year, we've finally moved everything to Bath - presses, paper and even ourselves. This means everything we produce and sell under Meticulous Ink is designed, printed and finished entirely in Bath.

 Last month we also hit 2 years in business, which has gone past ridiculously quickly - we still haven't produced as much of our own products as we would have liked but we're slowly making more and more - starting with some delightful typography postcards which will be arriving in store over the next couple of weeks. We're a little behind on our christmas cards and products but we ensure you we shall have these in store mid to late November.
That's all for now, we're slowly but surely getting back into the blog, all feels a bit rusty after such a long absence but we're finally back, and will be showing you some of our pretty paper creations soon.

Charlie (Printer)

Our presses safe and sound in their new home.

Our machines and my workspace, all slowly getting more organised by the day!

The sample board at our new print works filling up fast.
Our latest shop window by the amazing Ffion Harman