New arrivals - Heidelberg heaven

Well it's been a little while since we last blogged anything, and I can now show part of the reason why...

After travelling the country looking for the perfect press, I finally found what I was looking for. Missing a few extras but still running magnificently, I decided to take the plunge and took it.
Unfortunately, not everything went as smoothly as I was hoping. About 3 miles from where the press was to be delivered, the palette upon which the press was strapped to cracked, causing the machine to topple onto it's side. A horrific sight, as you can see (1).

Luckily a quick minded driver stopped the thing from smashing onto the road, however it took us a little while to get the machine sorted, but has since been redelivered and sits safely on our studio floors.
Shortly after obtaining our first Heidelberg we managed to acquire another, slightly more well equipped version. Heidelberg platens are highly versatile, allowing us to die cut, print, fold, score and even make packaging all from one machine! They both now sit happily in our temporary studios outside of Bath.

Let the printing commence!

1. The heart wrenching arrival of our first Heidelberg, a bad day. 2. But it's safe re-delivery and collection soon calmed my inky nerves. 3. Our second press collected in person this time, and therefore all in one piece. 4. Our first press safely housed in our studios, waiting it's oily companion.   

The presses, all clean and ready to perform wonders on paper. Pictures by Benkin Photography.