Rifle Paper Co.

We are extremely proud to be one of the UK's larger stockists of Rifle Paper goods, so much so I thought I'd post a few pictures and a little info on the designer in tribute to our latest Rifle stock replenishment, visit us in Bath to see the goods and more!

Anna Bond is a highly talented illustrator and stationery designer from Winter Park, Florida. There she co-runs Rifle Paper Co with her husband Nathan, and their excellent team.
Her designs are really something else, and I can but almost wet myself with excitement when each Rifle order gets to us. Her faultless grasp of colour and composition really are an inspiration and I can't help a small amount of jealousy seep through from the overall spectacular originality and beauty of each item. If I could I would buy them all myself, but don't worry I won't.

The pictures say it all...

Be sure to check her blog for updates and inspirations.

Rifle 2012 calenders coming in November. More on those here and here.