Friday finds - Antique stationery items

These splendid items were bestowed upon us by some relatives to offload some unwanted but un-throwawayable beauties.
I've always enjoyed the look of older pencil cases, such as these two cardboard cases, beautifully designed in a straightforward bold and almost austere fashion. We like it though, it talks volumes of the kind of design we love and always try to take inspiration from.
My favourite piece in this array of goods is the 'Weldon Roberts Eraser'. I love the design of this, and it's odd style too. Many of these pieces came from a relative who was an engineer during the 50's I think so perhaps this eraser is specific to engineering? Are we wrong to think this? Anyone?
Also along the line of engineering I'm almost certain these tiny rulers were used for that purpose. Well only because one has 'engine divided' on it. Also one has 1552 carved into it, surely not from the year 1552 is it?
Also included here is a pen nib box, pencil refills and some very old pattern binders which we presume were used for clothes pattern assembly. I must confess our knowledge on these items is restricted so if anyone can shed any light or interesting details about them we'd love to hear!